Chair and Table Massage at your Office

Our workplace can be considered our second home as we spend so much of our waking hours there. For many time-strapped go-getters, the office place is the most convenient place for a massage.

Massage is also ideal for showing appreciation to your staff. Every business owner knows his/her greatest commodities are the employees themselves. Your loyal employees ride the waves of business with you and feel a lot of your stress. They may even feel more stress than you do . Studies have shown that stress greatly constricts workplace productivity. Absenteeism, chronic illness, low morale, and general malaise all decrease when wellness plans are put into place in the work environment.
The working position in the corporate world can be very hard on the body. Sitting or standing, performing repetitive tasks causes postural problems and the majority of office employees suffer neck tension and discomfort, sometimes leading to headaches and having a negative impact not only on productivity and working relationships, but also on rest and enjoyment of home life and active pursuits. The shoulders of workers who spend a lot of time at a desk and working on computers often become hunched and their neck angles forward.
The bottom line is that healthy employees cost you less. And when your employess feel their best, they produce their best results.

I bring a massage chair or table, depending on your available space. I have years of experience so my presence is never disruptive and fits seamlessly into the office's activities. Your workers take care of you. You take care of them. And I take care of you all.
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