Massage Therapy
Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References to massage appear in writings from ancient China, Japan, India, Arabic nations, Egypt, Greece (Hippocrates defined medicine as "the art of rubbing"), and Rome.

Massage feels good, relaxes your body and mind, and causes psychological and physiological changes in our body. Scientists estimate that 80-90% of all diseases are stress related.

A frequent therapeutic massage can decrease anxiety, fatigue, and pain; lower blood pressure, increase circulation, speed up recovery from injuries and illness. It has been proven that experiencing a caring touch strengthens our sense of emotional well-being and security.

I create individualized massage sessions, mixing different techniques to achieve the best possible results. Most of my client request in-home therapy sessions so they can enjoy the whole body relaxation without disturbance.

I can provide my services in your home, office or in-calls at my location (Brea). Gift certificates are also available, please contact me for details.
Appointment: (714) 343-1966