Injuries and Surgeries

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to the face and neck is very effective in reducing bruising and swelling following injury or surgery, including dental and cosmetic surgery. Because blood clots are a concern after surgery, lymph drainage massage should not be offered until the client is released by the physician and does not need follow-up visits. Some physicians recommend lymph drainage massage during the healing process. In that case it should be performed according to the physician’s instructions. Head and neck injuries should definitely be examined by a physician in order to rule out serious conditions before massage is permissible. Open wounds, incisions, scratches and abrasions should be allowed to heal before massage is offered.

After an acute injury or a surgical procedure, there is damage to body tissue which results in leaking of protein in the interstitial fluid, and a release of inflammatory cells causing swelling and inflammation.

Usually the lymphatic system within the body can deal with the increased fluid in the injured body part, and over days or weeks, removes the excess fluid and filters it back into the blood stream.

However, sometimes things do not run smoothly. If the lymphatic system is in any way sluggish (due to being unwell or fatigued), or there is a blockage in any lymph nodes (which can happen without a specific cause), then the amount of fluid the lymphatic system can transport will be less than the load of the swelling. The swelling will persist longer than expected. This can lead to chronic inflammation, and fibrosis of the tissue, which can further impair the lymphatic system. This results in a long term swelling of the body part, which may become painful, heavy and may not function as it used to.
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