Parkinson's Massage

The benefits of massage therapy have long been recognized by people with Parkinson’s disease. Because Parkinson’s disease typically causes muscle stiffness and rigidity, bodywork’s ability to alleviate joint and muscle stiffness makes it a logical choice.

Specific benefits may include:

  • Decrease in tremors, temporarily – muscles become overworked when tremors are occurring, leaving the person feeling tight and fatigued, achy and sore…Stress (mental, physical or emotional) has been shown to be a significant factor in the severity of the tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease. Since massage therapy helps to slow and relax the nervous system, stress responses are decreased, which helps to lessen the frequency and severity of tremors and other stress related symptoms [such as anxiety]
  • Ease Rigidity - Massage therapy helps to ease muscle stiffness and improve joint mobility
  • Relieve Sleep and Digestive problems – The autonomic nervous system is the part of the brain that controls unconscious or automatic functions in the body. Massage therapy helps this system to balance and the benefit is an improvement in your quality of sleep and your overall digestive function.”
  • Soothe Depression and Increase Stamina – Massage therapy decreases pain by decreasing muscle tension and joint stiffness, as well as by altering biochemistry through influences on the nervous and endocrine systems  All of these results lead to better health and well being physically, mentally and emotionally. ‘Massage therapy increases endorphin levels - possibly the most beneficial aspect of massage. Endorphins are the 'feel good' chemicals that run through the body - increasing their levels induces positive results. Among other benefits, increasing endorphin levels has been correlated with quicker recovery, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.’

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